Artists Pick Their Favourite Tracks Of 2017

Contributions from (in reverse alphabetical order): Young Franco, TORA, Thandi Phoenix, SAFIA, SAATSUMA, Roland Tings, POND, Polographia, Polish Club, Jeremy Neale, MUTO, LANKS, Kira Puru, Kardajala Kirridarra, Hockey Dad, Haiku Hands, Golden Vessel, Cosmo’s Midnight, Alexander Biggs, Peter Bibby, and The Bennies.

‘Show You The Way’ (ft. Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins)


“I just really like the chords and songwriting. It’s funny but it’s also really pretty too. It’s pretty strange that soft rock/yacht rock (whatever you wanna call it) is cool again, but I’m all for it.” – Jay Watson, POND

‘Mythological Beauty’

Big Thief

“Few bands have managed to grip me in the way Big Thief have. I’ve followed the writing of Adrianne Lenker since her solo endeavours, and I’ve gotta say, her writing and the band’s sound have continued to exceed expectation. Part of an album [Capacity] that’s near impossible to fault, ‘Mythological Beauty’ cruises with an almost lazy intention while Lenker delivers her words with delicate sincerity. I love the intimacy that sits so well with the drive of the music.” – Alexander Biggs


Kira Puru

“We love Kira’s aesthetic and vibe. She is a killa singer and visual artist and funny gal all round. Mostly it’s the smooth R&B verses that make us feel tense about this track.” – Haiku Hands

'Feels' (ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean)

Calvin Harris

“IMHO this whole Calvin record [Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1] is wall-to-wall genius summer anthems but ‘Feels’ is a real moment. Love how chill Katy’s vocal vibe is, the melodies are so fun and Big Sean delivers on lyrics too, I reckon. You could put it on at any time of the day and I wouldn’t be mad at you.” – Kira Puru

'Toughen Your Skin’


“Phoebe Imhoff’s voice is pure power and on this track she’s wielding the most addictive melodies I’ve heard in ages.” – Jeremy Neale

‘Love Galore’ (ft. Travis Scott)


“We slept on SZA hard. ‘Love Galore’ was the single that turned us onto her and we love it. Her melodic choices and lyricism combined with that fuzzy warm synth backing is a perfect combo. Also the Travis feature is pure flammas.” – Cosmo’s Midnight


Kendrick Lamar

“This song was written by Kendrick, Anna Wise, Anthony Tiffith, and produced by Steve Lacy on his iPhone. This track isn’t the biggest on the album [DAMN], but it’s such a nice bouncy tune with a perfect head bobbing tempo for them calm walks home.” – Polographia

‘What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?’

Gang Of Youths

“I listen to a lot of electronic music but I generally find that unless its turned up really loud and I’m in a dungeon basement with all the lights off, electronic music isn’t quite giving me the sensory overload I’m often looking for in music. So i find myself looking for songs like this. Everything about this song feels like it’s rushing to be somewhere: the drums feel like they’re tripping over themselves, the guitars feel like they’re about to implode. And the question: “What happens when you keep feeding the fire with everything you have? What happens when there’s nothing left? What happens when that fire goes out?” The funny thing is that this song makes me feel like whatever pain is at the end, it’s all worth it for those moments along the way when things feel perfect.” – Roland Tings

‘Your Time’ (prod. Kaytranada)

Nick Murphy

“Two of my favourite artists together for one effortlessly cool track. I love the energy and melodies that Nick delivers. It pairs perfectly with Kaytranada’s simple and always effective production.” – MUTO



“A beautifully crafted intricate lullaby that further demonstrates alt-j’s masterful songwriting and instrumentation. It draws you in with its sparse musical landscape and releases you with its euphoric crescendos. For me, it’s easily one of their best works – and it served as a perfect introduction to what was an incredibly ambitious and captivating third record [Relaxer].” – SAFIA

‘Biking’ (ft. JAY Z, Tyler The Creator)

Frank Ocean

“The best song of the year for me was ‘Biking’ by Frank Ocean, with JAY Z and Tyler The Creator. I can just imagine them all sitting in a room and saying, ‘Let’s just write a song about riding a bike.’ Each of their performances on the song are just incredible. I can’t remember a car trip since it dropped that I haven’t cranked it.” – Golden Vessel

‘Carry On’


“This track came out while we were on our Europe tour. I fell in love pretty quickly with the gated synths and haunting vocals. It set such a good mood to explore new cities to, for driving and getting in the mood for a show. Beautiful production and arrangement, an all round killer tune.” – TORA



“From the opening moment the guitar has this kind of nostalgia mixed with melancholy, but delivered in a way that can feel uplifting. She is such a strong lyricist and her stories are honest, and this touches on some very real experiences for all of us I think. I was lucky enough to hear a version of this when I did a session with Mallrat earlier in the year and was surprised to hear so much guitar after her earlier songs, but I also realised her vision is so much bigger than just choices of synths or guitars. This song feels timeless and her art is growing with every release.” – LANKS

‘911/Mr. Lonely’

Tyler The Creator

“The melodies are unreal and it’s such a beautiful song. A summer classic to listen to with the roof down.” – Young Franco

‘Make Your Move’

The Goods

“I’m fairly certain as soon as I heard his song it was a done deal. Cue stank face and involuntary head bang. Hell, cue the shoulders too. If this song doesn’t make you move you should call 000.” – Thandi Phoenix

‘Every 1s A Winner’

Ty Segall

“A song that wasn’t even written this year, but I have non-stop listened to it since it was released like two weeks ago (I can barely remember what I did before then anyway). Actually fuck it, just listen to the original version, then listen to ’You Sexy Thing’, then after that listen to ‘Heaven’s In The Backseat Of My Cadillac’, then delete your browser history and forget this year even happened.” – Polish Club


Emlyn Johnson

‘Belinda’ encapsulates so many relatable thoughts and feelings based on some kind of relationship gone wrong, some kind of life gone wrong. It is raw, gritty, honest and gut wrenching. It feels lonely and enlightened. If I listen to it at the right/wrong time it brings tears to my eyes, reminding me of similar broken dreams. Yes, it passes the Bibby Cry Test.” – Peter Bibby


Rozwell Kid

“I reckon I may’ve spun this song about a million times this year. The vocal melodies are exquisite and the guitar work makes me wanna jump around my bedroom with a tennis racquet and rock out.” – Craig Selak, The Bennies



“I like listening to it when I am watering my plants, when I am walking up a steep hill, when I am waiting for coffee to percolate, when I am refilling the ink cartridges in my printer, and when I am having techno dreams. The production on this track is next level: the deep rhythmic bassline in the chorus makes me feel tingly. Go listen to Yaeji’s EP2 it will bring you great pleasure.” – SAATSUMA


Real Estate

“The most beautiful use of a cheeky punk double time beat I’ve ever come across. Some songs are just meant to come into your life at the perfect time, and I’m forever grateful for this one.” – Billy Fleming, Hockey Dad


Nai Palm

“This album and this woman have been a hug for my soul this year.” – Beatrice Lewis, Kardajala Kirridarra

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