B Wise: Tracks Of My Teenage Years

Get to know rapper B Wise through this selection of tracks that shaped his upbringing in Sydney’s south-west. “This is basically the soundtrack to my teen to adult years,” the Elefant Traks signing says. “Every song here either is a reflection of the type of music I make, a representation of my personality, or the environment I grew up in.” The same can be said about his debut album Area Famous, which celebrates the suburban streets where he grew up.

‘Foe Tha Love Of $’ (ft. Eazy-E)

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Everything about this song and the video was raw. The way a five-person rap boy band could carry themselves to be taken seriously – from the way they rapped to the way they dressed and wore their hair. I remember wanting to replicate that.

‘So Much Pain’ (ft. 2Pac)

Ja Rule

Originally taken from ‘Pain’ by 2Pac from the Above The Rim soundtrack. One of the deepest songs that Ja Rule sampled and spazzed on. I remember their voices blended together on one song and it just felt so natural. A lot of the themes or topics he touched on in this song I saw growing up.


Erykah Badu

This song got me through a lot of dark times as an adolescent and still does to this day as an adult. It felt so reflective and the double bass was a mood throughout the entire track. This song is like if you looked at yourself in the mirror and your reflection spoke back at you … figure it out.

‘Get Dis Money’

Slum Village

This was my wake up in the morning, go to work song. I hated working day jobs and this would always be that motivation music to get up and get it. If you don’t have any money to invest into your dream no one else will. So get up and go get di$ money!



The title speaks for itself. So many lines in this song I went through and related to as an aspiring musician. You wonder how you will make it through when real life hits, but you trust in your dreams and ambitions to get you where you need to be.

‘Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst’

Kendrick Lamar

My favourite Kenny song period. Like 2Pac, I find Kendrick has a similar talent to carry a story and create such a vivid picture in your mind. I definitely channelled some of these writing techniques when writing my own record.

‘Rap N****s’

Nipsey Hussle

This was a more recent release but one of the songs I’ve had playing for the past few months. It felt like everyone who is a fan has been waiting for this album from Nip. This song is like a confident war cry that was hard af and basically telling the industry, “I’m here and ready, come see bout me!” I love everything about that attitude.

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