Beaches’ Favourite Double Albums Ever

Love a good, sprawling double album? So does Melbourne five-piece Beaches. Third album Second Of Spring is 17 tracks and two discs worth of monstrous guitar rock. To celebrate its release, guitarists Alison Bolger and Ali McCann have made a playlist of their favourite double albums ever – from Can to Sonic Youth.



Todd Rundgren (1972)

I bought this beauty a few years ago from a friend’s garage sale (thank you Tanith and Chukka) and since then have played it too many times to mention. Side three is particularly good. (Listen to ‘Black Maria’ and ‘Couldn’t I Just Tell You’ and you will see what I mean). Even though a substantial amount of ritalin and cannabis was involved it’s still mind-blowing that Todd pretty much independently multi-tracked (and produced) every song on the the album.  Ali McCann


Tago Mago

Can (1971)

I never get sick of this double LP. It has such a distinctive and purposeful flow. It’s hypnotic, groovy, dark, intense, uplifing…It is rare to find a double album that is engaging on each and every side, but this is one of them. Side A is incredible. ‘Oh Yeah’ is one of the best songs ever recorded, in my book. What a song! And I know this goes without saying but Jaki Liebezeit’s drumming is superb.  Ali McCann


Dots and Loops

Stereolab (1997)

I probably bought this the year it came out or very soon thereafter when playing in bands and record shopping was pretty much everything. I was especially stoked to find that it had one green coloured vinyl and one white coloured vinyl. Beautiful. I’ve put it on and enjoyed it intermittently ever since which is a pretty good track record. Each song’s introduction fills my being with memories of dancing and endless languid days discovering music. Lætitia Sadier’s voice is the best and their lyrics were always refreshing. – Alison Bolger


Easy/House Music

Mum Smokes (2009)

On the subject of Fleetwood Mac’s double LP Tusk, bassist John McVie said the album sounds like “the work of three solo artists”. That to me, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just as eclectic and weird and wonderful is Mum Smokes’ Easy/House Music. For those familiar with their other projects (like Kes, The Ancients, Minimum Chips, Zond), their pen strokes are evident: ‘1949’ (Justin Kent Fuller), ‘Wrap Up’ (Jonathan Michell), ‘Some Fish’ (Karl Scullin) and ‘Left for Dead’ (Julian Patterson). There are so many good songs on this album.  Ali McCann


A Thousand Leaves

Sonic Youth (1998)

Of course Daydream Nation is their seminal double recording, but Sonic Youth’s A Thousand Leaves is such a good album. It has been on high rotation in my house for years. The extended improvised instrumental tracks make for listless and dreamy listening and the guitar interplay is subtle and effortless. Take ‘Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)’, for example – Ali McCann

Other notable doubles we love:

OutKast – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)
Fleetwood Mac – Tusk (1979)
Pink Floyd – Ummagumma (1969)
Yoko Ono – Fly (1971)
George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (1970)*

*A triple album really but close enough.

(Photo by Darren Sylvester)

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