Cool Sounds: Cassandra & Five Other Girls

Cool Sounds are a new Melbourne outfit fronted by maths whiz Dainis Lacey and featuring members of much-loved local bands including The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, and No Local. Their forthcoming album Cactus Country marks a shift towards country and ’70s soft rock, both of which are evident on first single ‘Cassandra’.

“It’s a different take on ‘Mrs. Robinson’,” says the band, “with snare drums and a bit more of a bellyache.”

To celebrate the cliche of naming songs after women, bassist Nick Kearton curated a playlist about five more girls and how he “met” them.


Teeth & Tongue

I was working at The Tote and Teeth & Tongue were playing upstairs for some reason, maybe it was a warm-up for another show? I was stocking the upstairs bar while they were sound checking and the melody of this song stuck in my head for ages. I walked around humming it all night not knowing what the track was and unable to remember where I’d heard it. I assumed I’d just written a smash hit melody, but sadly Teeth & Tongue had already written it.


Twin Peaks

It took me a long while to work out that this band wasn’t the Melbourne band Peak Twins. I’m glad I eventually worked it out, because they’re both great bands and very different. The American Twin Peaks are one of the bands we rorted our indie country style from and we’re going to be playing with them soon at The Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. I hope we haven’t ripped them off to hard or it might be awkward.


The Bats

My girlfriend Rose’s mum and dad are in The Bats. I learned her dad’s bass line from ‘Made Up In Blue’ long before I met Rose and I play it to soundcheck all the time because it’s so fun to play. I can’t tell if that’s weird or not, but for some reason I’m a bit embarrassed by it. ‘Claudine’ is one of my favourite Bats songs and there are a lot of good ones to choose from.


Todd Rundgren

For a long time, I knew I was supposed to like Todd Rundgren, but when you buy his records second hand, it’s a total lottery. I thought everyone was faking affection for him at first until I got Something/Anything. It’s now apparent to me that he rules and most of the contemporary ’70s soft rock style music that people are into is just a Todd tribute. Go Todd.

‘Angela Surf City’

The Walkmen

Local music identity Tom Lyngcoln once said that everyone in my family have “cold dead shark eyes” and that the singer from The Walkmen also does. I was stoked to hear that because it’s obviously totally badass and I love The Walkmen.

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