Eves Karydas: 10 Songs For A Long-Haul Flight

EVES Karydas knows a thing or two about long flights. The Cairns-born singer (formerly known as Eves The Behaviour) has been based in London for the past few years, inspiring a playlist of songs that she likes to put on to “get all emotional to”.

“IT might sound weird but my favourite thing to do when I fly long-haul is to sit and think with a bit of music on,” she says. “I find that flying makes me hyper in-tune with my emotions and it becomes a very meditative experience.”

‘Fade Into You’

Mazzy Star

I’m a big Mazzy Star fan and it’s a song I can just put on repeat. I find her [Hope Sandoval’s] voice incredible and hypnotic as well. It’s a great flying song because it’s relaxing and I can just put it on loop.

‘Forever Young’

Youth Group

This song just reminds me of my childhood. I really love the vibe, the tone, and the colours in it.

‘20 Something’


This has to be my favourite song off her record [Ctrl]. It’s just so lyrically unique. I’ve never heard a song with lyrics like that before and it’s so relatable. I really love it.

‘Astral Weeks’

Van Morrison

Another one of those super chill, incredible old songs that I love to listen to. It puts me in a good mood.

‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’

Cigarettes After Sex

I only really discovered this song a couple of months ago and it blew me away. Especially the line, “And we’re laughing in the microphone/And singing with our sunglasses on/To our favorite songs.” I want to put myself in that zone.

‘The Fall’


Rhye has to be one of my favourite new bands – even though they’ve been around for a few years. I really love this song and I like a lot of their new songs that have just been coming out. I love his [Mike Milosh’s] voice. I thought it was a woman when I first heard it.

‘Orion’s Belt’

Sabrina Claudio

This song I only discovered recently as well. It’s just like honey, it’s so beautiful, and she’s a very cool artist.

‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’

Cocteau Twins

Just a classic. It’s so frolicking and entirely joyful.

‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over’

Jeff Buckley

I love that whole record [Grace], but it’s my favoruite song off that album and just reminds me when I first moved to London. I started listening to it a lot. Also it’s a really nice, long song that really jams out at the end.

‘Brothers On a Hotel Bed’

Death Cab For Cutie

It’s one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s just so beautiful. The beat in it is so hypnotic and the lyrics evoke being on the back of a motorcycle, just driving and trying to leave your hometown. It’s perfect. Such a vibe.

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