HABITS: 5 Songs That Make Your Uber Driver Regret Picking You Up

Self-described “moody bitches” HABITS have made you a playlist that coincides with the release of their aptly named Salty EP.

“We often need the aid of evil bangers to get us out and into the function,” the duo says. “Sometimes we don’t have the energy to care if Greg the retired doctor/Uber driver is having a good time, too. This is songs for that.

‘Pressure Drop’

Rebel Yell

This track is just dripping with cool, the main synth line has such a slithering motion and the beat scratches all those hard to reach places at all the right times. When I listen to this track I feel like a total bitch and that everyone must get out of my way now.

‘0.0.0 (Eat Your Flesh)’


This track is very sexy and mean, like us. It is such a tease of a track in the way that EDM tracks are – except this doesn’t get tedious 30 seconds in. No affense davod geeutta. Pair this track with a serving of Nonna’s lazarnya. Bon appetit.


Coucou Chloe

We love what this girl does, her tracks are so refined down to their core ideas and hooks that they’re almost pop but the vocals are so muddled and the kicks pummel so hard it takes it to a whole other esoteric place.

‘Suburban Bathers’

The Residents

The whole Commercial Album is full of ill-fitting harmonies and jarring vocal manipulation which comes together to make something which is both ominous and cheeky. The wobbly percussion in this track is so wrong it’s right.


Nightwave, Rye Rye

This is one of those tracks that gives you no relief – no time to breathe. It’s satisfyingly obnoxious synth line and racing kick pattern propel you forward. Rye Rye’s lyrics are a mantra of self-worth we should all be repeating to ourselves in the mirror.

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