IV League: My Soundtrack To The Ideal ’90s Teen Flick

‘Lose Me’ – the latest single from Melbourne’s IV League – is about the “transition from adolescence into early adulthood”. So it’s fitting that singer-guitarist Bella Venutti has put together a playlist for a ’90s teen flick that doesn’t exist – but really should.


Our music is so often compared to ’90s rock, and I’ve specifically been told before that some of our tracks would fit the bill of a ’90s teen movie soundtrack, which is only the best compliment I could ever receive.

I’m completely film obsessed and went to film school for a brief period myself, and I often listen to music and imagine specific scenes that I think the track would compliment perfectly.

To preface these songs, my ideal ’90s teen flick is closer to something like Greg Araki’s The Doom Generation or The Craft than She’s All That.

Whether or not a filmmaker is ever going to let me choose a dissonant early Sonic Youth cut to pair with a first-kiss-under-the-bleachers is another story. So for now I’ll live vicariously through this playlist.


‘Bull In The Heather’

Sonic Youth

I’ve always pictured this song scoring a first kiss or slow motion meet-cute by the lockers scene in a film. It’s bubbling with heady desire and so foreboding. Perfect intro to a ~tumultuous~ teen romance.


‘Playground Love’

Air (ft. Gordon Tracks)

I’m cheating a little bit here because I’m pinching this one from one of my favourite film soundtracks, Sophia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. When I walk through the world listening to this song everything is a little more melancholic and pastel hued.


‘Some Velvet Morning’


It’s not often that one of your favourite bands has covered your favourite Nancy and Lee classic. This version is so ghostly and atmospheric and I love it as much as the original.


‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’

Saint Etienne

Okay. Time to break up all of the pensiveness and melancholy with my party scene song. This is interchangeable with ‘Rollin With The Homies’ in that scene in Clueless, right?



Mazzy Star

This is the perfect not quite over a break-up song once you’ve graduated from ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ by The Verve (dark). I would love to see some cute teens riding their bikes through suburbia to this one.


‘Cool Schmool’


Fight me-  this is one of the greatest riot grrrl songs to come out of the decade and would be perfect in a Heathers-esque situation in which shit hits the fan and someone sets fire to a car/gymnasium, etc.


‘Drive It All Over Me’

My Bloody Valentine

A great resolution song to remedy the previous, maybe this would even roll over the credits? The lyrics to this are so lovely and eternally teenage to me: “Run run away run run away ’cause there’s nothing left to say/Got no one to talk to/Leave me alone and have me to die today.” It rivals Morrissey levels of angst.


‘You’re So Great’


I’m always going to be more of a Graham girl than a Damon stan when it comes to Blur. This is one of my top Blur songs and I love the lo-fi and understated nature of the vocals on this one. Also this track quite reminds me of some of the numbers on Graham’s recent soundtrack for The End of The Fucking World, which I adored.


‘I’ve Been Here Before’


I think Lush are one of the most underrated bands of the ’90s! This track is a recent discovery for me and is a wonderful uplifting little Brit-pop song about coming of age and the realisation that your friends are so much more important than the lovers that hurt you. Thinking this will be a key theme in my hypothetical film as it has been for me IRL.


‘No Aloha’

The Breeders

Would this not be an epic walk-on song for the #badgirl of the film? I love how Kim Deal’s voice can sound so cutting and unaffected in songs like this or ‘Wait In The Car’, yet so fragile and beautiful in songs like ‘Off You’ (which features in another one of my favourite film soundtracks for Her.)

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