Jeremy Neale: 6 Theme Songs To Some TV Shows I’ve Been Working On

As most of you know, I spent the last few months abroad with the organisation, ‘Hang Gliders For Hope (Bringing Xtreme Hope To Those Who Need It Most)’. But when I wasn’t soaring over the great rainforests of the world, I was writing. Predominantly fan-fiction, of course, but occasionally I’d dabble in the age old art of writing for TV.

I’ve got some totally killer scripts but a show is nothing without a great theme song. There’s a lot of paperwork ahead to get the correct licensing for these tracks but I’ve been lead to believe that dreams can come true.

Here are said dream tracks alongside a synopsis of each shows I’ve been writing. I hope you enjoy my playlist. I gave it a catchy name. ‘6 Tracks That I Would Like To Use As Theme Songs To Some TV Shows I’ve Been Working On’ (ed. – we’ve abbreviated this title for obvious reason). – Jeremy Neale



‘Rip It Up’

Orange Juice

Frankie is a well intentioned self-taught tax accountant who is in way over his head this financial year! There’s no way he can submit this EOFY report and not get in a lot of trouble with the government! He’s got two options: 1) Rip it up and flee the country; or 2) Rip up his passport and learn to ask for help for the first time in his life.


‘Special Angel’

Major Leagues

Watch out, Agent Cooper! This is a paranormal task for Martha, the Special Angel with a heart of gold and the guts to get the results – in this world or the next!


‘Basketball Boy’


Hoops McDunk is just a regular boy. Until he realises he enjoys playing basketball. Then before he knows it he’s on a whirlwind adventure through the amazing highs and devastating lows of Division 6 basketball at Boondall Entertainment Centre Tuesday Night League. May or may not be an autobiographical account of my life to date.


‘I’m Still Here’

Holiday Party

Three terrible TV show ideas and you’re still here? Me too. Thanks for sticking around. This TV show focusses on how we’re both still here. Right now. Like it’s pretty meta. The camera will pan out and you’ll be reading this sentence and it will be like The Truman Show but not like that due to potential copyright infringements.


‘Toughen Your Skin’


Yeah, amour is really cool. We all know that. But in this futuristic sci-fi thriller, the hottest craze is permanent armour enhancements and the only way to get them is to … order them online! In this TV show, a production line worker steals armour from the armour factory they work at in order to enhance themselves. They become so armoured that they cannot be stopped by less armoured people. Turns out though, they didn’t expect true love to break down the armour they were using to protect their heart.


‘Day & Age’

Bored Shorts

Cool, a hard-hitting documentary. Everybody needs one in their TV repertoire for the eventual meeting with the big shot studio execs. A critical analysis of the world we live in. How did we get here and where are we going? Are we becoming more human or are we losing touch?

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