LNWY Recommends: July’s Best New Music

Our regular round up of the best new music of the month featuring the new side project from Jono Ma and Jonti, some ethereal magic from Dev Hynes, and an earworm from Sydney sisters Clews.



Merpire’s latest is a real day brightener. It’s a love song dedicated to her network of friends, family and fans that have supported her, returning the favour of kindness with an upbeat and wholesome tune. Send to your 10 favourite people immediately to let them know you care! – Ruby Miles



This month has pretty much just been me playing ‘Hollywood’ on repeat. The Sydney sisters are as great at writing catchy, genre-defying hooks as they are at harmonising. It feels natural and effortless and really showcases their talent. Dang here I go – hitting replay again. – Ruby Miles

‘Don’t Let A Good Girl Down’

Thelma Plum

Thelma’s signature sugary sweet delivery in this track goes hand in hand with her jabs straight to the jugular. It’s equal parts simple, catchy and frank, using the term ‘icky’ to ironically understate her subjects’ toxic and unacceptable behaviour. ‘Don’t Let A Good Girl Down’ is a neat little bow on the top of an album that was painfully important to make.



You’re probably familiar with Melbourne-based visual artist Giulia Giannini McGauran through her striking portrait work with Bec Sandridge, Eilish Gilligan, and Meg Mac. She’s a regular around these parts too, snapping Saba, No Mono and Courtney Barnett for LNWY.co. Giulia is a creative force of nature, constantly challenging herself and applying her vibrant aesthetic to mediums beyond portraiture. Music has become her latest tool of expression, and debut single ‘Boom’ is a bright burst of pop colour that came out in one inspired GarageBand hit – Darren Levin

‘Can’t Afford It’

Bakers Eddy

The term ‘shmood’ and ‘anthem’ get thrown around a lot these days, but Melbourne via Wellington outfit Bakers Eddy take the cake (no pun intended) for the biggest shmoody anthem this month. It’s a short, punchy package that they were so sure would be a live hit they layered crowd-style chanting in the chorus. ‘Can’t Afford It’ is for everyone scraping and mooching off mates until they get their next pay check. – Ruby Miles

‘20 Missed Calls’

Kota Banks

Sydney pop phenom Kota Banks dials the AutoTune up to 20 on this empowering breakup ballad that mixes sharp wordplay (“Leave your ‘sorrys’ on read”) with glitchy beats. – Darren Levin

‘Gold Teeth’

Blood Orange

Blood Orange’s Angel’s Pulse mixtape plays more like a scrapbook of last year’s album Negro Swan. Dev Hynes combines a textured layering of soft R&B, piano refrains, melodrama and gangster rap all playing into the mixtape’s relaxed vignettes. Standout track ‘Gold Teeth’ feels like an ethereal angelic hood dream, or to be more specific, like Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ but with rap. – Ruby Miles



This heavenly debut collaboration between Jono Ma and Jonti sees the two start with a clean slate and gradually stack up all of their favourite influences in dance music to make one amazing passion project. In ‘Steppers’, Chemical Brothers and Jamie xx are the foundation building blocks for this euphoric rave track, adding Thom Yorke-style vocals, a booming choral sample and quirky robot noises for a unique flare. Okay boys, you’ve got my attention! – Ruby Miles

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