LNWY Recommends: March’s Best New Music

Dom O’Connor picks out the best music of the month – from the long awaited return of Sky Ferreira to Wollongong’s answer to Steve Lacy.


Triple One

Sydney rap crew Triple One have gone from strength to strength over the past year with singles like ‘Showoff’ quickly finding an audience for their thrashy brand of hip-hop. ‘Butter’ is an inspired left-turn from them, matching a tropical beat with different flows and verses from the group’s three vocalists. There’s a sincerity to ‘Butter’ and a clarity that really shines through –  the melodicism of the hook contrasts beautifully with the gruff verses, like two voices in an inner-monologue fighting against each other for space.



‘Ghost’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel for Rat!hammock, instead drowning their most Malkmus-ian tendencies in layers of fuzz in the chorus.  Guitar music like this is often labelled ‘slacker’ as a prerequisite, but that belies the care and cleverness of the songwriting (frontman Jackson Phelan has a wonderful turn of phrase) and arrangement. It’s a real winner and another step-up for RatHammock, who are fast becoming one of Melbourne’s most consistently satisfying bands.

‘I Need To Be Alone’

girl in red

The breezy, wistful production of ‘I Need To Be Alone’ and the strummy guitars are a clever disguise for the song’s grim central conceit: of fundamentally needing solitude to get through the day. The lo-fi quality of the instruments doesn’t take away from the classical pop melodies or the intrinsic reliability and authenticity of the artist behind the girl in red moniker, 20-year-old Norwegian singer Marie Ulven.


Genesis Owusu

‘WUTD’ is almost absurdly smooth. Genesis’ voice gracefully glides over the top of a beautifully minimal, Chic-like backing that exists between the margins of the music’s amalgamation of G-Funk and George Clinton. ‘WUTD’ is a further refinement of previous single ‘Wit Da Team’, which now sounds like a roadmap to a future sound. It’s impossible to predict where Genesis will go next, but ‘WUTD’ proves his hot streak of singles isn’t going to end soon.

‘Downhill Lullaby’

Sky Ferreira

It’s hard to think of a more anticipated record in 2019 than Sky Ferreira’s Masochism, both long promised and with more release dates than you could shake a fist at. ‘Downhill Lullaby’ is a bold left-turn of a first single. It’s essentially chorus-less, moody to a tee, and more than five minutes long. It sounds like something on the jukebox in Twin Peaks’ Bang Bang Bar, where we last saw Ferreira in public life. Although ‘Downhill Lullaby’ never aims for the peaks of ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ or ‘You’re Not The One’, it’s an intoxicating return from one of pop’s most eminently interesting figures.



A woozy, half-rapped delight, ‘Timee’ saunters in on its back-beat and burrows itself in the listener’s head. We haven’t heard much from Stevan yet, but the young Illawarra resident is already proving he can write forward thinking, R&B-leaning indie rock like the best Steve Lacy acolyte.

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