Milwaukee Banks: Late Nights/Early Mornings

“Late nights and early mornings are when I seem to do most of my music listening,” says Dyl Thomas, one half of Melbourne hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks with producer Edo Rafter.

“Either with a fresh start to the day I like to go online and see what’s new and has dropped recently; or late at night in the studio, with red wine when it’s quiet and calm. I can really get in the zone and that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration, studying the game and keeping my ear to what’s going on.”



Anfa Rose

We’re fans of what he’s doing and his quality control is second to none. Can write great songs and ‘Baby’ is a great example of this. Gets you in the zone and it’s also a great headphones joint.


‘Day Ones’

Manu Crook$

This joint makes me wanna act a fool and wile out. Top notch production and it’s always great to hear when an artist is giving back to their homies that have been down from day one.


‘Ghostface Killers’ (ft. Travis Scott)

21 Savage, Offest & Metro Boomin

Amazing collaboration from a few of the biggest names in the rap game right now. The beat is savage and gritty, the hooks lethal, and 21’s verse is cold blooded.


‘No Security’


One of the godfathers of grime doing it big in this joint. I love the subtleness of the hook and the bars are edgy combined with a flow that’s unconventional but slick.


‘One I Want’ (ft. PartyNextDoor)

Majid Jordan

When I feel like I wanna separate myself from the noise of the rap world sometimes, I’ll chuck MJ on. This joint is a great example of their tight songwriting combined with a PartyNextDoor feature to top it off.


‘Live Up To My Name’

Baka Not Nice

It’s just hard! Hard and heavy. I don’t usually like the overuse of a lot of Auto-Tune, but Baka on this one just drowns his vocals in it and it adds to the overall obnoxious vibe of the track. Love it bangin’ loud in the whip.



Flight Tonight

Edo’s side project. The title track from this EP is special and works perfectly after three vinos at 1am.


‘Find Me’


I’ve been following this kid for sometime. And his output is up and down, but this joint he dropped recently bangs hard. Great flow and lyrics and also great production. It goes hard in the club.


‘That Far’


This is not your typical “new school R&B” joint. It’s deep and introspective. It has a story behind it that usually is absent from a lot of music from this genre. The beat is gritty and raw and lends itself so well to 6lack’s vocal style.


‘Things Are Different’

Ryland Rose

Local rapper Ryland Rose’s debut album Almost Famous & Broke is a pretty in-depth body of work. I was really impressed when I first listened to it, and this track is one that I was vibing and really stood out to me. Viciously independent and always working on his craft, I recon keep an eye out for Ryland’s future releases. Sure to turn a few heads.


‘Leave Me (Common Sense)’

J Hus

I love the UK scene and how it’s exploding these days. I keep a close eye on what’s happening there and it’s really exciting. I love the hook and flow switch-ups on this joint.


‘Lights Down’

Milwaukee Banks

We wrote this beat one night and were trying to figure out what to do with it and where it would sit on the album [No Time]. We decided it needed someone who would suit it really well, we reached out to Sophie [aka Sophiegrophy] and she sent back a killer hook and verse. It was a no-brainer for us to add it to the album. It’s fun, boppy and summer-ready, something that’s a little bit of a new direction for us.

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