MUTO: 8 Songs That Remind Me Of The Northern Beaches

Aussie producer MUTO spent his formative years on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a hotbed of local musical talent that’s produced the likes of What So Not, George Maple, Ocean Alley, LDRU, and his childhood friend Harley Streten aka Flume.

To coincide with the release of his EP Arcane, MUTO has put together a playlist of tracks featuring artists from his hood – and also those that evoke a distinctly Northern Beaches feel.




Harley [Streten aka Flume] and I grew up together and he helped show me the ropes to electronic music production. This track is a personal favourite of mine and gives me an incredible sense of nostalgia. His chord progressions and brooding production are incomparable to any other producer Iʼve ever heard.

‘Same Same’

Winston Surfshirt

These guys are also from my hood and itʼs awesome to see them go from playing local pubs to main stage arenas. They’ve managed to find a perfect niche between a whole bunch of genres and completely nail it. ‘Same Same’ is a great example of their ability to make a blend of flavours.


Warner Case

One of those feel good tracks thatʼs made its way into every one of my mates’ playlists and every kick-on. The vocal/lyrics are great and the production supporting it progresses perfectly. Itʼs uncomplicated and gives you everything you want. Almost impossible not to nod your head to this.


Nicolas Jaar

Such an attention-grabbing song. The vocal chops and drum work are practically impossible to follow and I love it. He always keeps you guessing. Mr Jaar is obviously not afraid to go crazy with his sound design and ‘Fightʼ pushes the boundaries of structure to the limit.



This girl is on a level. She blew my mind with her demos, theyʼre super fun, bubbly and creative. ‘Player’ is a fine example of how unapologetic and in your face she can get. The production is crazy and her vocals go together with it like butter and vegemite. Sheʼs also another local lass so she gets an extra gold star for that.


Hayden James

When I first heard this I was on tour with him in Europe and got to experience it among a packed crowd in a big venue. I fell in love instantly. Hayden has an incredible ability to write pop music in a way that doesn’t feel overdone, and ‘NUMB’ sits in a perfect world of its own. Iʼm a massive sucker for the hook in the chorus. The melody is magical.


Ocean Alley

I went to high school with the lead singer, Baden [Donegal], and I could not be more stoked to see these guys finally getting the recognition they deserve. ‘Confidence’ is such a jam, it makes me feel like Iʼm listening to my parents’ favourite band from the ‘70s. Itʼs powerful, sophisticated and extremely catchy. Also an insane band to watch live.

‘Jack Nimble’

Lady Of The Sunshine

My personal favourite from the one and only album of Angus Stoneʼs side project. Itʼs very thought provoking and quietly cinematic. Itʼs a late night track that’s very reminiscent of my teenage days in my friends garage sitting on old broken couches and talking about deep shit. Another gold star because Northern Beaches.

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