Ninajirachi: Songs My Parents Played Me

Precociously talented Sydney producer Ninajirachi has put together a playlist that tells the story of her musical upbringing on the NSW Central Coast. Her debut EP Lapland is out through NLV Records.


I GREW up on the NSW Central Coast and I’ve lived here my whole life.

My area is pretty much just one street in the middle of the bush with a bunch of houses, a Catholic church, a graveyard, a wharf and an acreage where cows are kept every now and then. It’s pretty random but really nice.

I went to a Catholic primary school but my family isn’t really religious. We live five minutes from the beach and my parents were both surfers in their youth, so I spent a lot of my upbringing in the ocean.

My parents are both massive music and arts lovers, but neither of them have had arts-related careers, so they’re stoked about my artist project.

They’ve been showing me music and encouraging me to create for my entire life. We used to have an iPod Classic that my parents shared and it stored all their music, so I discovered a lot of music when I was really young by just shuffling it.


‘Corner Of The Earth’


My mum says this is her favourite song of all time. She’s been playing A Funk Odyssey through the house for most of my life.


‘Satellite Of Love’

Lou Reed

Lou Reed is one of my dad’s favourite artists and he keeps the Transformer album CD on rotation in his car. I think this song is my favourite from the album, but his is ‘Perfect Day’.


‘Something About Us’

Daft Punk

Mum said my dad gave her this song when they were first dating.


‘Love Generation’

Bob Sinclar

Mum used to run fashion events when I was younger and I would always go with her. This song was on the CD she’d play at pretty much every single one and I have a vivid memory of dancing to it with a piece of fabric at one of the events.


‘Love At First Sight’

Kylie Minogue

This is another one from Mum. She loves Kylie Minogue. When I was in primary school I used to make music videos for my favourite songs in iMovie, and one of the best ones I ever made was a Kylie song.


‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’


Mum has an ABBA’s Greatest Hits CD that I got really obsessed with throughout my childhood. I learned so much about songwriting by listening to ABBA when I was little.


‘Don’t Cha’

The Pussycat Dolls

This was my FAVOURITE SONG in kindergarten. I got Mum to burn it to a CD so I could bring it in for show and tell because everybody needed to hear it.


‘Dance Wiv Me’

Dizzee Rascal

This one is from my dad. I can’t really remember but I think I heard it for the first time at a family barbecue. Recently I saw Dizzee Rascal at Falls and I had to film a bit of this song for Dad.


‘What You Waiting For?’

Gwen Stefani

I have a memory of Mum blasting this song in the car around when it first came out. I think if I’d been born five to 10 years earlier Gwen Stefani would’ve been one of my favourite artists.


‘The Way I Are’ (ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)


Both of my parents love Timbaland and Shock Value was another album they’d play around the house a lot.

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