Odesza Pick Out 10 Songs That Inspired Their New Album

Electronic duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight pick out 10 songs that inspired their third album, A Moment Apart.


‘I Know There’s An Answer’

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys were one of our early musical obsessions. This track in particular highlights the one of kind vocal work Brian Wilson was able to develop during the writing of one of the best albums ever recorded, Pet Sounds.

‘Everything In Its Right Place’


The opening track to an iconic album [Kid A], and a great example of how masterfully Radiohead can create songs out of experimental sounds and unusual time signatures.


‘Coming Home’

Leon Bridges

One of our favorite up-and-coming artists. Leon captures an amazing amount of raw emotion on this record. We had the pleasure of working with him to record ‘Across The Room’ for this new album.


‘We Own The Sky’


No list of ours is complete without a little M83. One of our bigger influences, M83 is the perfect balance of epic synth lines and soaring vocals.


‘Clint Eastwood’


All time classic collaboration from one of the most innovative groups ever to record and one of the most underrated rappers. Damon Albarn + Del The Funky Homosapien = Perfection.




The first track on one of our all-time favourite albums Swim. Also a pretty strong factor in how we got our name.



Big Wild

One of the early members of our label Foreign Family Collective. ‘Aftergold’ is the perfect example of Big Wild at his very best. He’s also an amazing performer with a must-see live show.


‘Jimmy Mack’

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

Can’t go wrong with a little Martha to start your day.



‘Let It Happen’

Tame Impala

We’ve been big fans of Kevin Parker since the first Tame Impala EP, and it’s been inspiring to hear how his production has developed from then to now. The guy is a genius.



A$AP Rocky

Rocky vocals with Danger Mouse production. What’s there to not like? Plus one of the cooler music videos you may ever watch.

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