Old Raps Episode 6: Louisiana Highway 10

FIVE years ago my wife and I honeymooned across America, renting a car and driving through most of the South, eating barbecue and sweating profusely during a hot summer.

We planned the entire holiday around restaurants we wanted to eat at and then found fun things to do in between them. But mostly it was just a tonne of driving, rap blaring from our car speakers while we regretted eating that last serve of brisket.

One of the best stretches of road was from Houston to New Orleans. Houston is a lot more industrial than the colourful Austin, where we’d been beforehand, and driving away from the home of NASA and Screwed Up Records And Tapes towards the vibrant NOLA was exciting.

Crossing from the Texas state line and doing 85 miles per hour down Louisiana Highway 10 (LA-10), overlooking the green swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin, listening to a bunch of Screw tapes I bought as we left Houston was one of my fondest memories of the trip.

Halfway through the drive we stopped at Breaux Bridge and got a box of freshly boiled crawfish to munch on the next three hours to New Orleans.

We’ve got two kids now. That’s a trip we won’t be taking again anytime soon. But we can try to relive it through this episode, featuring a bunch of rap from Houston at the start, some New Orleans rap at the end, and a few songs from the cities in between (Baton Rouge, Port Arthur, Morgan City).

Pretend you’re driving over a swamp while you listen to this one.

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1. UGK – Ain’t That A Bitch (featuring Devin The Dude)
2. 5th Ward Boyz – Thanks For The Blessing (featuring Bushwick Bill and Devin The Dude)
3. Mr Pookie & Mr Lucci – Roll Something
4. Critical Condition – Bout To Go Down (featuring Bun B and Pimp C)
5. Boosie – It’s Goin Down
6. Young Bleed – Better Than The Last Time (featuring C-Loc and Maxminelli)
7. Partners-N-Crime – Let The Good Times Roll (featuring Prime Time)

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