Setting The Tone: Amy Shark @ Laneway Melbourne

How do artists pick a setlist? Is it preconceived, or just about how they’re feeling on the day? Are there some songs that are unmovable, or is everything up for grabs? To find out we spoke to Amy Shark ahead of her main stage performance at Melbourne Laneway about the planning that’s gone into her song selections for the day. Spoiler alert: She covered Eminem.

Does a lot of planning go into the setlist?
That’s usually a big meltdown in my house. There’s a lot of arguments. But a lot of thought goes in. Like any band there’s a lot of thought goes into the setlist, because you have to factor in things like changing instruments – it’s very complex putting together a good show. And that’s my goal in life: putting on a good show. A lot of thought goes into.

How are you feeling about today?
Festivals are awesome. I’ve got some really fun songs to play off my EP and some old songs people are learning now and I’m hearing them singing it back to me. It’s really fun. Festivals are easy and they’re fun.

Any surprises today?
I don’t know if it’s a surprise … but I do a cover that I really like doing and that might be a surprise to some people and not to others. I do an Eminem song [‘Superman’] mixed in with D12.

What song gets the most reaction? We’re guessing it’s still ‘Adore’?
‘Adore’ gets some excitement happening but then again ‘Blood Brothers’ as well is really fun.

Do you always open with ‘Drive You Mad’?
I mean why wouldn’t you? That siren is like, “Get to the stage, like now.” [Laughs]

Is there a big difference in planning before headline shows as opposed to festival shows?
I’m so invested in my headline shows. I really want people to leave knowing a little bit about the songs and how my mind works. So I talk a lot more. There’s big energy, big lights, and my band is amazing. It’s similar, but I chat a bit more. I give a little bit more of myself because I have more time.

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Setlist: Amy Shark @ Laneway Melbourne

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