Side Of Stage: Lesley Olenik (Live Nation)

In this episode of the Side Of Stage podcast, Laneway Festival’s Danny Rogers and Dom O’Connor sit down with Live Nation’s VP of Touring Lesley Olenik and talk to her about creating Odd Future Carnival with Tyler the Creator and the role festivals play in a band’s career in the modern music industry.


3.02 “A lot of the industry folks weren’t coming down to San Diego much … I was going back and forth to see new music and getting to know people.”

6.42 “It’s good to also take a break and not come through too many times, we have to be mindful of the people who we’re hitting and the fans.”

12.13 “How do you build up your fanbase playing festivals? Trying to find that balance is really difficult.”

21.52 “They just told me Tyler had this vision to do this carnival.”

26.49 “I booked in LA for several years, but I thought it was a great next step to carry on these relationships.”

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