Side Of Stage: Simon Moor (Kobalt Music)

In this episode of the Side Of Stage podcast, Laneway Festival’s Danny Rogers and Dom O’Connor sit down with Kobalt Music’s Managing Director Simon Moor and chat about his initial career as a DJ, how streaming has changed how we experience music, and new possibilities for musicians.


3.45 “That time for me, as a DJ, was really crucial in understanding what people liked.”

6.16 “It was a pretty buoyant time. There was a lot of money and you’ve got the backend of CDs being big.”

14.07 “The music industry was on the precipice of a deep abyss and about to fall off that as the digital era came on, so I knew that doing A&R for a record label for the next 10 years wasn’t gonna be a great thing.”

18.15 “For any songwriter or artist out there, publishing is ultimately key because if you own your publishing rights and have some success that will allow you to have a long, long career.”

23.02 “Back in the day, you mention co-write to an artist and that would be a dirty, dirty word!”

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