Side Of Stage: Justin Cosby (Inertia Music)

In this episode, Laneway Festival head programmer Danny Rogers and Lunatic Entertainment A&R scout Dom O’Connor sit down with Inertia Music’s head of A&R Justin Cosby and discuss his previous career as a youth social worker, his Joy Division fandom and the differing ways artists release music in 2017.


2.20 How Justin learned the difference between a need and a want.

5.16 Justin’s first record store experiences.

9.57 “You’d pretend to put yourself through to another department and put on a different accent.”

14.44 “I’m a big fan of asking questions and a big fan of encouraging colleagues to ask them.”

20.45 The effect of social media on music tribalism.

24.43 Danny asks Justin to reveal who the members of Boards of Canada are.

26.57 “That’s one of the joys of ageing: experience.”

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