Spinning Coin’s Music To Watch Wind Turbines By

Sean Armstrong from Glasgow five-piece Spinning Coin has put together a twist on the typical road mixtape.

“Whenever we are travelling to a gig and I see wind turbines by the side of the road or in the landscape somewhere I feel a real sense of optimism,” he says. “Like them, these songs harness natural renewable elements to give us free energy and positivity.”

The band’s debut Permo was recorded with Scottish legend, Edwyn Collins from Orange Juice, at the helm.

‘Don’t Make Me Over’

Dionne Warwick

I love this song. It blends melody and surprising chord changes with a strong and true message.


‘King Of Hearts’

Lucinda Williams

Amazing voice and lyrics. This is fierce and unique.



You Keep The Beats

Amazing song from a great band. This is on Upset the Rhythm, a label based in London that releases the best stuff.


‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’

Ms. Lauryn Hill

My sister and I grew up on Lauryn Hill and The Fugees. This song is an absolute classic and Lauryn Hill is a genius.


‘Warm Girls’

Girls At Our Best

A cyclone of a song: brilliant vocals, colourful instrumentation.


‘All We Ever Look For’

Kate Bush

Never Forever is probably my favourite kate bush album; the songs are especially weird and dreamy. This one feels like a showtune.


‘When You Were Mine’

Cyndi Lauper

Great voice. Covering Prince. Sounds amazing.


‘Swallow My Pride’

The Ramones

Joey Ramone doing his best Anglo-American pronunciation. Pop classic.


‘I Slept In An Arcade’

Black Randy And The Metro Squad

A self-proclaimed joke and punk band from the late ’70s. Very scratchy and very good.


‘Make 1, 2’

Arthur Russell

One of the danceable Arthur Russell numbers.

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