The Witching Hour #3: The Gospel Of serpentwithfeet

Satnam and welcome to The Witching Hour. My name is Sophie Miles and this episode is an amazing conversation with Josiah Wise, aka pagan-gospel artist serpentwithfeet.

Josiah shares his journey from his childhood as a pentecostal choir boy, growing up in a deeply religious Baltimore household, to his explorations of the occult, becoming a crystal healer, an energy worker and a tarot reader.

And how the super sensuous music of serpentwithfeet layers Josiah’s classical training with the biblical language and gospel music he grew up with to create truly magical queer love songs. Josiah talks about the ideas of surrender, devotion and reverence and how these relate to spirituality, music, dating, and intimacy.

We also talk folk magic and also a little bit of emoji therapy. Please enjoy the gospel of serpentwithfeet.

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