West Thebarton’s Guide To Adelaide

To mark the release of a typically cathartic single, ‘Tops’, and a national tour with A. Swayze and The Ghosts, Brian Bolado from Adelaide’s West Thebarton made you a playlist of songs from the band’s hometown.


There’s something in the water in our fair city. As we were starting out, it felt like our music scene was in a state of flux. Every now and then, it still tends to grapple with cementing its cultural identity but there’s a sense of pride and confidence here that wasn’t before. Traditional scenes or communities aren’t clearly marked.

It’s all Adelaide to me and these musical intersections seem to be a real drawcard at the moment. A lot of younger bands and artists are now popping up with a strong vision for their music. Over the past year, there were a few tracks which really took me by surprise with the kind of songwriting that was coming out.




The opening track of the Move Like You EP released by some friends of ours. An impressive depth of songwriting for a debut. Check out ‘Weather Song’ and ‘Backbone’ while you’re at it. Bernie’s a powerhouse and plays bass with Hot Mess and Bec Stevens, who is definitely worth listening to.


‘Lovely Bones’

Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band

One of my favourite songs of 2018 and one of the best South Australian songs in recent memory. There’s something timeless about this tune which tugs at my heartstrings every single time. Ricky’s got a good ear for melody and has an amazing band by his side.



World View

[West Thebarton guitarist Josh] Healey showed me this song the other night. A little less snarly than the first EP but still hits real hard. Huon also plays bass in Paradise Club and I’m a big fan of their track ‘Saturday Night’.


‘17 Again’

Adrian Eagle

That’s one hell of a voice. We met Adrian last year and he’s a sweet, humble dude. Couldn’t be happier seeing him do great things around the country.


‘Purple Bike’

Slippery Sloth

Jack [Stokes] plays in another quality SA band called Stork and he recently put something out under his own recording project. It’s full of dreamy gems and jangly numbers. Take your bike for a ride around the neighbourhood and listen to this.


‘Chasing Butterflies’


Another amazing voice coming out of Adelaide. I could listen to Paige sing forever and ever. This one’s outstanding and her best song yet. She’s also got another cool project with Wing Defence.



The Empty Threats

I was lucky enough to catch these guys when I was behind the bar one night at Jive. I knew Stu played in Dead Roo (another fantastic Adelaide act) but I’d never heard any of their stuff. There was a great melancholic slow-burner with a clarinet wigging out towards the end of their set and I’m almost certain this is it.


‘Slow Spring’

Space Bong

Couldn’t resist. Space Bong aren’t kicking around anymore sadly but doom is forever.

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