Every artist has a story to tell.

This is the central premise of LNWY, a new Australasian music platform that aims to put the focus squarely back on the music itself.

A collaboration between St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and the team at Melbourne digital and creative agency Bolster, this platform has been built with love from the ground up.

What We’re All About

You’ve probably noticed we like to do things a bit differently around here. Most importantly, you will notice there are no banner ads on this site at all. They are ugly and disruptive and we don’t want them around.

This has informed everything from the site’s uncluttered design to our unique publishing model, which doesn’t rely on a churn-and-burn news cycle to drive clicks back to the site.

You won’t find lists of your favourite artists’ top five burger joints, fruit juices, public gardens or cleaning products on LNWY. What you will find are considered, thoughtful and visually stunning stories about the artists you love the most – and a few we think you’ll grow to love.

A big focus of this site is on musical discovery – and if you’re a Laneway lover, chances are this is what draws you to the festival every year, and what will keep you ‘round these parts as well. But this isn’t just about plugging Laneway Festival. LNWY is a living, breathing music platform with a broad remit to cover whatever is great – no matter the artist, label or promoter behind it.

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Designed For Discovery

Firstly, the site had to look beautiful. Think of LNWY as a digital coffee table book combining whitespace, stark typography, original photography and custom illustration.

The user experience was paramount in our design decisions. And since we had complete freedom from serving ads, we were able to explore a more intuitive and interactive approach to how content is displayed and delivered.

We removed superfluous iconography, calls-to-action and other visual distraction to enhance the user experience. The design uses intuitive and subtle navigational elements to guide your journey as a reader.

We’ve also made it super simple for you to share what you discover here. With a simple hover, you’ll see exactly what the article looks like if you were to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s Under The Hood

Not only does the site look beautiful, there’s some next level tech powering it. Here are a few of the site’s special features:

Custom Inline Player

We’ve built in a deep audio integration with an inline player, allowing songs to be played seamlessly as you hover over them, aiding discovery.

Video Vortex

Our custom-built recommendation engine serves up videos you might be interested in based on your site engagement. It continues to learn the more you use the site. Creepy but cool, huh?

Live Search

We have built our own search engine to facilitate the user journey – and it’s pretty bloody fast if we do say so ourselves. There’s a special index slider works like that coffee table books spine, accessible from every page to find the latest or most trending stories.

Why We Created LNWY

By Danny Rogers
Co-founder Laneway Festival

When Laneway Festival started 13 years ago in a dark alley in the heart of Melbourne, my best mate Jerome Borazio and I could never have imagined that our crazy idea would take us on a journey that would see us work alongside some of the world’s greatest artists, managers, agents, promoters, producers, marketers, writers, dreamers, and lovers.

It’s been a year since we asked the question that began this entire process.

“Why is it that almost every music website does pretty much the exact same thing when it comes to marketing and presenting music?”

That conversation over a couple of beers, has become the focus of many more discussions and ultimately lead to the creation of LNWY.

There are loads of great music sites both here and overseas that we admire and respect, but there seems to be an acute pressure on publishers to deliver more impressions, more reach and more advertising. We think it’s time to turn this model on its head and bring the focus back to the stories we want to tell and people want to engage with.

LNWY is a site created by music lovers with a shared passion for storytelling and a vision to make a site that highlights the amazing creative talents in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the rest of the world. This is a year-round conversation we have with you all.

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