BIGSOUND is arguably the most frenetic week in Australia’s music calendar.

But despite playing six shows in five days, Rei Matsumoto Bingham from Sweater Curse still found time to capture some new and old musical friends when they came to visit “the best city in the world”, his hometown of Brisbane.

One of those new friends was Chelsea King, who hosts a local music show on Melbourne station SYN. During a “rare calm moment”, the pair travelled out to Rei’s local developing lab to process some photos. Here’s Chelsea and Rei’s BIGSOUND experience, captured in all its 35mm glory.


“Here’s Sarah and Oliver from Sunscreen at a BIGSOUND pre-party. They had just gotten into Brisbane that afternoon and despite some technical difficulties they ripped through a set of new hits and old favourites.” – Rei

Pool Shop

“I usually spend most of BIGSOUND seeing my friends play as many times as possible. It’s maybe a bit counterintuitive but a lot of fun.” – Rei

Sweater Curse

“Monica from Sweater Curse playing at the Valley Drive In. Earlier this day Rei was telling me that he was nervous to play a bigger venue because he didn’t think it would fill out but I had to navigate through the crowd to take this photo.” – Chelsea

Adrian Eagle

“If you look closely you can see Kaiit singing along in the front row to Adrian Eagle.” – Chelsea

Fortune Shumba

“I had no idea who Fortune Shumba was when I was assigned to interview him but immediately fell in love when he walked into the studio. He opened up about growing up as a queer in South Africa and a lot of his struggles back home. I felt so lucky that he trusted me to help tell his story.” – Chelsea

“After the interview I went to see Fortune’s set alone. The crowd was such an an interesting mix of people and I ended up crying but I’m not really sure why. I told all my friends to go and see him the following night and they all cried too.” – Chelsea

Kult Kyss

“I interviewed Kult Kyss in February before they’d every played live. They tried to describe their set to me but it sounded like they were depicting another universe. It was so good to finally see their vision come together. I felt like I was in a trance.” – Chelsea

Genesis Owusu

“Naomi from Mosquito Coast told me she was most excited to see Genesis Owusu. I caught some of his set and turned around to see Naomi dancing very excitedly in the front row.” – Chelsea


“Everyone in the studio wanted to get a pic with Kwame because everyone loves Kwame. He turned 21 the next day and had a cake brought out to him during his set.” – Chelsea


“Calum from Candy really gives every performance his all – even if it’s the second set of the night or the fourth set of the week.” – Rei

“Candy’s set was really sweet (please forgive me for accidental double entendre).” – Chelsea

Nice Biscuit

“I discovered Nice Biscuit this time last year because a photographer posted a picture of them at BIGSOUND and I was obsessed with their costumes. The two lead singers make a lot of their outfits themselves.” – Chelsea


“CLEWS’ track ‘Teeth’ is a beautiful slow burner and it was amazing to see live. They played Famous Nightclub for triple j Unearthed.” – Rei


“If you’re looking for your new favourite band take a trip to Newcastle and see Fritz. Their drummer Darren is a very nice boy with a very nice drum kit.” – Rei


“When I somehow found some downtime I walked into Tym Guitars and Alex was buying a new guitar. Looking back on these photos I realise Alex’s new guitar and Oliver’s bass match. I don’t know if it’s on purpose but I love it when a band’s instruments are matching.” – Rei

IV League

“We somehow snuck into this invite only rooftop party with an open bar and free massages. We definitely weren’t meant to be there but obviously we made the most of it. Here’s Sally and India the day after said party, interviewing IV League at 4zzz, possibly a bit hungover.

“The photo on the left is Miri, our music manager, at SYN in Melbourne. I hadn’t met her before BIGSOUND but now I feel like I’ve known her forever.” – Chelsea

Demon Days

“Perth band Demon Days before being interviewed at 4zzz.” – Chelsea


“This is Oliver from Sunscreen.” – Rei


“The award for best shirts at BIGSOUND goes to Fritz.” – Chelsea

From Left: Loose Tooth, Mosquito Coast, Bugs


“I interviewed Mosquito Coast in Melbourne the week before BIGSOUND and it ran 10 minutes overtime because we were having so much fun. Here are they after their only showcase.” – Chelsea

“Bugs are the most fun band in Brisbane – and probably the world.” – Rei

Something Else