We asked artists on the Laneway 2018 lineup – including Smino, DJDS, Clairo, Masego and Camp Cope – to tell us about their tracks of the year. And they delivered with an eclectic list featuring, in some cases, acts they’ll be playing with next year.


‘Pienso En Tu Mirá’


“This album meant everything to me when it came out. I truly believe Rosalía is the future and is bending the rules in this industry in ways nobody else can.”




“Smino is one of those pure artists. That song is flow, bounce, and genuine Smino. It improves my mood every time I hear it.”

Methyl Ethel

‘Freak Club’


“Thom [Stewart, bass/keys] recently told me to listen to Kirkis, the musical project of a guy he met in Melbourne one time. Turns out he’s a full-blown weirdo rock star genius, also my new hero. His records are still blowing me away. I find that when I hear great music It instantly makes me want to make some myself. I’m writing this, listening to Kirkis, about to make some music. Kirkis is the shit, rinsed so hard 24/7 at my house.” – Jake Webb

Parquet Courts

‘It Feels Like Floating’

Mary Lattimore

“I flew on dozens of airplanes in 2018 and on every one of them, I’d have this song cued up for just before takeoff, when I could just barely make out the distant sound of pre-recorded safety instructions in the event of an emergency, while flight attendants did that little dress rehearsal for catastrophe thing that they do. Sometimes, when taxiing to the runway didn’t take long, this song would still be swirling in my head, competing with the engines, and end just in time to hear about how signing up for the airline’s reward program has many benefits. This song traveled with me everywhere I went and I love it a lot. I’m sure I’ll listen to it quite a few times on our trip down for Laneway. Also, about the oxygen mask that falls in case of a sudden change in cabin pressure, wouldn’t it be more of a concern if the bag did inflate?” – Sean Yeaton


‘Heaven’s Only Wishful’


“Such a beautiful song and an incredible debut from MorMor. We love the journey it takes you on. When Seth finally starts to really sing out at the 4.42 mark – that’s the single best moment of this year in music.”

Cosmo’s Midnight

‘Wit’ da Team’

Genesis Owusu

“‘Wit’ Da Team’ has such a classic west-coast sound. It’s crazy to think such a developed sound is coming from someone so young (it does help that The Free Nationals produced the record). Definitely feel big things will be coming from Genesis in the next year so we want to get in early and say this guy is gonna be something special.”

Crooked Colours



“We are big fans of Tourist so when this one dropped we were pretty excited. He has a knack of producing really captivating songs that draw you in and take on a journey. This one in particular feels like it is constantly building while still keeping you engaged with a tasty drum groove. Tour van favourite.”

Baker Boy

‘9 Times Out Of 10’

Dallas Woods

“This track really hits home for me on a personal level. Dallas has got this special something about him when he raps. He lures you in with his cheeky vibe, inspires you with a positive skew, and just as you’re smiling along he’ll pack you with a punch to the guts rapping about confronting subjects in a manner so lightly you kinda feel confused.”




“[Valee] says, ‘Walked in Shell, flamed up a L/Bumpy Margiels, feel like braille/Dirty ass ginger ale, came through the mail/I fucked your girl, in the hotel.’ I like that. That’s my life. It just embodies me enjoying my motherfucking youth, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been trying to do that a lot more. I used to be hung up on my mind, but now I’m just out here living. That’s tight. I feel like [that song] reflects everything I’ve been doing.”


‘when the party’s over’

Billie Eilish

“Her vocal in the song is on another lever, every little inflection gives me chills. I feel the lyrics of the song imply so many different meanings but to me it captures the indecisive yet beautiful part of the mind that is love and heartbreak!”

Camp Cope


Courtney Barnett

“When I first heard this song it was on a Soundcloud link of Tell Me How You Really Feel that had just been mastered, and it was ordered differently to how the final product ended up. I think I kept giving my feedback as “TRACK 6 IS POP GOLD”. Not sure if it was ever accurately known to be this song, but either way, it’s a gem. That build up to the chorus, the key change, the phrasing, and not to mention, it’s lyrical genius. 10/10.” – Sarah Thompson


‘Leave It At That’

Pist Idiots

“There’s more to this song than the first time you listen to it; each time you pick up on more of the poetry about the world around Pist Idiots. They are genuine guys and this song is about not beating around the bush with feeling. The back-up vocals give the song more conviction for what they stand for, and the recording is epic too. It’s got a super unique sound quality to it.”

Ruby Fields

‘Need A Little Time’

Courtney Barnett

“Not sure what Courtney herself meant by writing the song, but personally I took it as a polite way of asking people for space, which is something i’ve really come to appreciate lately. That and the composition of the track itself is so clean and perfect – it maintains the sound of her voice I love.”

Something Else