New York-via-Omaha rock outfit Navy Gangs recently played 30 shows across the US, starting in New York City in May and finishing in Philadelphia in July. Singer/synth player Zeke documented the trip, which coincided with the release of the band’s debut album Poach.

Joshua Tree, CA

“Swimming in the desert at Virginia Williams’ legendary handmade pool. It was like, 105 degrees fahrenheit [40 degrees celsius] outside, but the water was perfecto.”

Los Angeles

“These photos were from the LA show we played with Current Joys, Brutus VIII, and Lauren Early. One of the best shows from tour. It was crazy! Completely sold out, and everyone was having a good time. Saw all of my LA friends and even crowd surfed for the first time.”

San Francisco

“We were in San Francisco and the house we stayed at was up in the hills, so Eric, Zeke and I went on a beautiful hike.”


“Nothing but sleeping, watching TV, reading, recording demos and seeing some of the most amazing scenery this country has to offer. Really stunning, epic landscapes.”

Forest Park, Portland

“We hiked around forest park in Portland. It’s a very psychedelic forest. All the trees kind of melted into each other. We had just watched Annihilation, a sci-fi film, and it looked just like the movie.”


“These are from a park in Seattle where everyone was climbing trees and logs, or working out for the day.”

Omaha, NE

“This photo is from a wedding we went to in Omaha, Nebraska (the city I was raised in). We went to a thrift store before and got dressed up in very fancy style.”

“Hanging out in Omaha outside of the venue we played at Pet Shop. Navy gangs first practice was at the same venue. Time flies.”

“Power meeting between Zeke and Anastasia in Omaha.”


“We hung out with Lillie and ate at Fatsos Last Stand before the show.”

Cleveland, OH

“Photo from our show at a place called Now That’s Class.”

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