Singer-songwriter Teischa has lived a nomadic existence for most of her life. She now finds herself in Los Angeles, where she relocated in mid-2018 to continue honing her craft. Here she reflects on her journey thus far, documenting the past six months through a selection of film photography.


AS a child, I definitely didn’t dream of moving to LA. I saw myself living in a little old cabin or cottage in the middle of nowhere in Italy, or somewhere serene and peaceful. I still hope I will someday.

Growing up in Phuket, my family and I spent a lot of time traveling through Asia and Europe. We definitely spent more time on the road than in school.

My parents have always been rather spontaneous and adventurous people, so at the time the nomadic and exciting lifestyle we were living felt very normal to us.

Looking back on it now I’ve definitely realised how privileged and lucky I was to see so much of the world at such a young age.

"This is my friend Korey Waggoner, who directed the video for 'Haunt Me'. He’s a real life genius."

I guess being exposed to this kind of lifestyle back then had a massive impact on why I love what I do so much now.

A couple of years before leaving Phuket, when I was around 12 years old, I developed this love for classical music and decided to teach myself how to play the piano through watching YouTube videos. I’ve also always loved words and writing stories, so eventually the two naturally came together without intentionally wanting to write songs.

We relocated to Perth when I was 15 and it was a shock to the system. Considering it’s one of the most isolated cities in the world, it was quite a big adjustment culturally and socially from Phuket.

I eventually fell in love with the music scene in Perth. Being underage, I’d beg mum to take me to as many gigs and festivals as possible. I’m not too sure why she agreed to this, but what a legend.

I found myself surrounded by an amazing community of like-minded people in Perth. They were passionate about the same things and graciously took me under their wing as a support act on tour, or as a band member to teach me everything I wanted to know.

Now Perth is the city I love coming home to after being overseas or touring, just to zone out and regroup.


"We shot the 'Haunt Me' video clip at my lovely friend Erick’s house. We were in the water for about eight hours, wrapped up at midnight, and had a party at our house after. My eyes were foggy from the chlorine for the whole next day but the shots were worth it."
"Home in Cypress Park. It’s a warm and welcoming little Mexican family neighbourhood."

LOS Angeles really suits me for where I’m at in my life right now. I love the challenge and feeling like a tiny fish in a really, really big pond.

It makes me want to work as hard as I can, and has also given me this confidence that I can achieve anything I want to.

The first time I visited LA, I hated it. I couldn’t get myself out of the city quick enough. However, the second time I was there I stayed for a little longer and avoided the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. I also met some incredible people who made me feel really at home, and showed me all the beautiful things to love about the city.

I’ve been living in Cypress Park for a little while. It’s far enough away from Hollywood to feel calm and quiet and to be able to hibernate a little bit and do my own thing. It’s a warm and welcoming little Mexican family neighbourhood.

Downtown is only a five-minute drive away, and Hollywood a little further, so it’s easy to be among the craziness when you want to but also easy to completely zone it out. It also has the best tacos.

"Being happy at happy hour. I love the challenge of living in LA, and feeling like a tiny fish in a really, really big pond."
"A little escape to Joshua Tree in the Californian desert."

There’s an amazing and super supportive community of Aussies over there doing some insanely inspiring things in music. It’s so motivating to see my friends on that side of the world killing it in an environment where there’s so many people hustling and trying to “make it”.

My friend and collaborator Alex Hope is a perfect example of this. She’s an incredible producer, songwriter and all-round powerhouse woman. She’s doing amazing things and staying humble and authentic on the way.

Australian artists and music in general seems to be held in high regard all around the world right now. So much quality and unique art comes from our country and it’s a great feeling to see people noticing that internationally.

There’s also amazing Australian organisations like Sounds Australia who provide incredible support and host showcases for Australian artists all over the world to help get in front of international audiences.

Between the opportunities I’ve come across in Los Angeles and the support from back home, it definitely feels like doors are opening and watching other Aussie artists doing to same thing is reassuring and inspiring.

I’ve completely changed my mind about this city now.

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